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Ideal Environment for Betta Fish


The betta is a tropical fish which possesses spectacular colors and likes to stay in warm waters. Betta fish temperature is determined by their waters which should just be a little warm but not too warm. Of importance still, is the consistency of their water temperatures. The suitable range of Betta fish temperature would be 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit but it could be as low as 72 degrees or as high as 80 degrees. Betta fish temperature of 80-82 degrees is ideal for use in hospital tanks where you isolate ill fish, add medicine in relation to their specific illness and consequently keep the fish warm in a more spacious place to enhance relaxation and ease tension. This enables your fish to recover quickly and assume normal lives.

The nature of the fish’s habitat needs to be considered as well. It is crucial to create desirable living conditions for the Betta fish as it will prolong their lifespan and help them have a happy and healthy life. When the fish are healthy they reveal their beautiful colors in a literal and figurative manner. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that their waters are clean. Another thing is to ensure that the temperatures of the waters are controlled. Optimal temperatures offer rejuvenation to the fish and they become more active. Thus you will have the opportunity of witnessing the normal, responsive, glamorous nature of these fish.

The fish’s immune system determines its health status and is easily affected when the consistency of the water temperature and consequently Betta fish temperature is not maintained, resulting to very cool water conditions. When the immune system is affected, it is obvious that the fish becomes susceptible to invasion by disease. On the other hand, too warm water promotes growth of bacteria which multiplies in large numbers, consequently polluting the environment. This creates an unfavorable environment for the fish that predisposes it to the likelihood of it getting infected by disease. Thus consistency in water temperatures should be factored in everytime and there’s no doubt you’ll have improved the quality of life of the fish.