How to get Anti-Magic in Roblox Black Clover Kingdom: Grimshot?

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Clover Kingdom: Grimshot ofoffers players the ability to unlock and use various types of magic, both good and evil, to become the strongest fighter, or protector, in the world. While Anti-Magic itself isn't a necessary evil, it is exceptionally powerful and rare—when placed in the wrong hands, the overwhelming capabilities of this magic can lead the user towards a path of chaotic villainy.

What is Anti-Magic

Anti-Magic is the culmination of mastering Sword Magic and finding the two legendary swords—Demon Slayer Sword and Demon Dweller Sword. The moves that Anti-Magic gives can be found in the list below.

  • Bull Thrust
    • An agility based move that's used to dash forward quickly.
  • Black Slash
    • While holding the Demon Dweller sword, the user gathers Anti-Magic energy and shoots out various slashes that send the enemy flying backward.
  • Black Meteorite
    • The user covers their body in Anti-Magic and charges forward with a powerful slash.
  • Black Hurricane
    • This move is one of the most powerful in all of Clover Kingdom: Grimshot as it releases a massive cyclone cloud that drains everyones' mana to zero and deals large amounts of damage.
  • Black Divider
    • While holding the Demon Slayer Sword, the user shoots a tall trail of Anti-Magic smoke from the tip of their sword, damaging everyone in its path.

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How to get Anti-Magic

Anti-Magic can be obtained by spinning for it in the Noble Realm. Rare spins for Primary Magic can be purchased from the Magic Spirit for one billion coins, while players can purchase rare spins for Secondary Magic from the Spirit Apprentice for a similar price. This is only the first step in using Anti-Magic but you will also need to have Sword Magic unlocked as well.

Sword Magic can be spun for in the Commoner's Realm after speaking to Merlin and paying one million coins or, for a higher price, in the Noble Realm. After obtaining Sword Magic, players looking to use Anti-Magic will need to use their Sword Magic's Create Anti-Magic Weapons ability. Players can do this by equipping Sword Magic and pressing E on the keyboard.

Using this ability will automatically spawn the Demon Slayer Sword into your weapons chest that players can find at spawn—return to this chest and equip your new sword to continue. After doing so, you'll need to find the Demon Dweller Sword located in Liebe's Demon Domain. Players can access this domain from the Noble Realm.

After reaching Liebe's Demon Domain, walk through the hallway and leave after reaching the dark cave. Leaning against the wall, you should see both the Demon Slayer and Demon Dweller Swords. Players can purchase each of these swords with one Black Magic Box, which has a one percent chance of dropping after defeating the Liebe boss.

If you're lucky enough to have two Black Magic Boxes, you can skip the Sword Magic step in its entirety and simply purchase the Demon Slayer Sword instead of summoning it using the Sword Magic ability. Since Black Magic Boxes' drop chance is so small, it's often more efficient to go the Sword Magic route.

After finding and unlocking both swords, you will have full access to Anti-Magic and its move set. Though this entire process is possible, it can be extremely time-consuming, so don't feel discouraged if it takes hours, or even days, to complete.

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Below is a brief summary of the steps to obtain Anti-Magic.

  1. Spin for Anti-Magic with the Magic Spirit
  2. Spin for Sword Magic with the Magic Spirit or Merlin
  3. Use the Sword Magic's Create Anti-Magic Weapons ability
  4. Equip the Demon Slayer sword from your weapons chest
  5. Locate the Demon Dweller Sword inside of Liebe's Demon Domain and purchase it for one Black Magic Box
  6. You now have Anti-Magic

Keep in mind that you must complete all of these steps before using Anti-Magic. If you receive Anti-Magic from the Magic Spirit but do not have the swords, you won't be able to use it.

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