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Betta Fish Diet Ways


When we give foods for betta fish that we own, we have to consider about the betta fish diet also. Because of this kind of aggressive colorful fish has a small stomach, we need to consider about that in giving food for betta fish in the aquarium. When we have small aquarium to put the betta fish in, we should give this kind of fish species a food once a day.

Too much food that we are giving to the betta fish in the aquarium can make much damaged. This can make the betta fish has a bad digestive system that can make the betta fish live unhealthy. The other damage that happens is the aquarium that betta fish placed become dirty because of the uneaten food that will sink in the bottom of the tank.

The rest of uneaten food can cause the bacteria occur in the bottom of the aquarium that can make the betta fish unhealthy. On the other side, when we have larger aquarium to place the betta fish, we should feed the betta fish twice a day.

Betta Fish Survival in Betta Fish Diet

Betta fish is able to survive without food in 4 days. So, we do not need to worry when we don’t give a betta fish food in a day. It tends to be good for betta fish diet that can cause the digestive system of the betta fish healthy.

During the wild life, this aggressive fish can eat mosquitoes and small insects to survive. The dietary process of betta fish can also avoid the betta fish from obesity.

It is no wonder if the betta fish is able to suffer obesity when the feeder does not pay attention in giving food for betta fish. So, giving the betta fish food once a day is enough for the betta fish that kept in the aquarium.