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Placing Betta Fish in a Bowl


Placing betta fish in a bowl is a kind of forcing the betta fish grow up in the wrong place. As we know that betta fish can live in the small area, as a result, many people that own betta fish think that this kind of fish can be placed in even the small place like a cup, bowl, or vase. The betta fish is only able to live, but during its life, this kind of aggressive fish can’t do as betta fish characteristic. Based on the condition, the betta fish that live in a bowl just like a captive betta fish that cannot grow up well.

The Effect of Placing Betta Fish in a Bowl

Placing the betta fish in a bowl or small cup is not a good idea to take care of betta fish. There are many bad effects that can be gained by the owner of betta fish if the owner put the betta fish in the small tank. It is a good idea because the betta fish can only live but not thrive. The betta fish that placed in the small tank looks so stress because the restrictiveness of space for swimming that is not allow this kind of fish to swim freely. It is different with the larger tank that used to place betta fish that is allow the betta fish to swim freely, so, its aggressiveness can be applied in the larger tank.

The next bad effect is the bowl shape is semi round that is not allowed the betta fish hiding in the corner of the tank as betta fish do. As we know that the betta fish loves hiding in the edge of the tank, so if the bowl used to place betta fish in, the betta fish will lose the lovely place to hide.