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Appropriate Time for Betta Fish Reproduction


We have to know about the appropriate time for betta fish reproduction when we are breeding this kind of beautiful colorful fish. Knowing the appropriate time for reproduction can make us easily to breed the betta fish. Usually, the betta fish will be successful in the breeding process when the betta fish is in between 6 month until a year of age. In the way of reproduction process, the betta fish do not require the special tank for breeding. But, the betta fish only need bubble nest when they are in the process of reproduction.

Betta Fish Reproduction in the Bubble Nest

In the aquarium when the betta fish reproduction process happens, we can see that the male betta fish can be the most responsible for the process. The male betta fish will take care of everything in the process of reproduction. When the betta fish ready to breed, the male betta fish will build bubble nest in order to lay the eggs. After that, the female betta fish lay her eggs into the bubble nest that has been built by the male betta fish.

After finishing in laying her eggs that fertilize, it is important to place the female betta fish in the other tank and. In this process, the male betta do his job to protect the eggs until the baby of the betta fish occur. When the fry appears in the bubble nest, the male betta fish takes care of the fry until they can swim by themselves.

The male betta fish plays his role to cover the fry in the tank. If there are many fry fall down into the bottom of the aquarium, the male betta fish will carry them back into the bubble nest using the mouth of the male betta fish. The process is sustainable until the baby of betta fish can swim freely.